Monday, April 27, 2009

Arch Red Guest Server v2.6 getting near completion

Lately I have been working on the next release of Arch Red Guest Server. Version 2.6 includes new features and enhancements requested by our customers. Some examples are:
  • Guest account printing to PDF labels (badges, stickers, etc.)
  • Full internationalization support
  • A number of user interface enhancements
  • More configuration possibilities and controls for administrators
PDF label printing is handy when using the Guest Server as an integrated customer registration and access control solution. PDF label size can be variable, they can contain your desired logo and any text you see required, such as reminder about acceptable use policy.

The PDF label printing is also the first application of the new delivery framework, which offers a new interface for printing, mailing or using other methods such as SMS for delivering the account information to guests.

Guest names and event titles can now be any language and be mailed or printed without problems with garbled fonts. It does not matter where your guests come from, be it northern Europe or Japan for example, names and event titles display correctly leading to better customer satisfaction.

The user interface has been enchanced based on customer feedback. The workflow of adding guests is more streamlined and a number of other small enancements have been added.

For administrators the new version offers more configuration options for controlling the guest account creation and enhanced installer.

I will add more information and new demo showing the new version in a couple of days.

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