Monday, May 31, 2010

Beer and Food in Vilnius

Got feedback from conference participants and at least one Finnish tax payer that they want to see more research coverage on beer and food. :) So even if we have been busy attending sessions, debugging eduroam and in various discussions, we have also been able to research the opportunities Vilnius presents for enjoying good beer and food.

Based on the background research done by Stig and Matti, I have managed to map already few places to enjoy good beer and food after heavy conference day. I will try to update this map during conference and all participants are welcome to contribute if they have clarifications or new places to be added.

Beer places in Vilnius, Lithuania

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Defining the Y Generation

It is sometimes hard to figure out what is the definition of X generation, Y generation or even millennials. Hannes Lubich's presentation in today's plenary clarified among others what Y generation means and what are the characteristics of this generation.

The interesting thing was that at least I was able to pick up few Y generation characteristics from myself even if I guess I belong more to the previous generation based on my age. Or maybe it is just that I want to find some younger Y generation characteristics in me. :)

Blogging at Terena Networking Conference 2010

You know that you have done too much Web 2.0 when people invite you to blog about events. This year I am once again participating in Terena Networking Conference and the conference organiser asked if I would interested to blog about the event. Since I am already hanging around here (currently in Juniper's meeting) and taking photos I accepted and here we are, part of Terena Networking Conference 2010 coverage.

To make sure that my time was efficiently used, instead of just watching presentations, blogging and drinking beer :) I am also both invited speaker, paper and poster presenter here, which should keep me busy doing those slides and later by presenting them.
My first presentation is about RadSec/RADIUS based roaming paper and the second invited one is about the Internet bus from Tampere, Netti-Nysse. The poster is about ICT SHOK Future Internet Testbed and I just managed to bring it to conference lobby before coming to this Juniper presentation.

And speaking of presentations, I really have to now upload some placeholders for compatibility testing purposes to the presentation system, so more coverage and even some nice photos about Vilnius will have to wait to the next post. Luckily they have a nice working eduroam Wi-Fi network here complete with both public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.