Thursday, April 10, 2008

Arch Red and Cisco power the NORDUnet2008 WLAN network

Arch Red and Cisco Finland joined forces with CSC to provide an eduroam(tm) compatible WLAN guest network for NORDUnet2008 conference 7th -- 11th of April 2008 in Dipoli, Espoo, Finland. The network was designed by Arch Red and build with Cisco 4400 WLAN controller and 12 AP1130AG access points. This gave the conference participants a choice of WPA/WPA2-authenticated eduroam(tm) network as well as completely open WLAN for unsecured, easy guest access. In cooperation with CSC the WLAN network in conference also supported state-of-art network technologies like IPv6 and multicast with enough bandwidth in radio and fixed network for all conference participants and also for streaming services. Arch Red also provided the RADIUS connectivity to eduroam(tm) WLAN roaming community for secured international WiFi roaming access.

By utilising Arch Red expertise and Cisco hardware, creating and deploying this kind of conference network was efficient and a quick way to provide reliable 2.4Ghz and 4GHz WiFi wireless access for all conference participants quickly.

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