Thursday, August 27, 2009

Going on Tour with Netti-Nysse and Wireless Tampere

Our company does various things. We of course have our products, services and the R&D centered around them, but we have also our hobby projects -- the projects which we do because of their challenges and also because sometimes it is just fun. Tampere City Library's Internet Bus, Netti-Nysse, is one of those projects we are not just doing for money, but because it has its own challenges and it is fun to utilise our expertise to make the concept grow better.

I am currently writing this sitting in the Netti-Nysse's lecture space somewhere near Venice and on route to Ljublana Slovenia. My mission here is to support the Netti-Nysse team in ICT issues such as the handling of the bus's central Linux server and getting Internet connectivity and bandwidth for the bus wherever and however we can. You might think that's an easy task, just add 3G HSPA modems, but the roaming costs of 1.5 EUR/MB do not exactly encourage utilising that kind of connectivity. So mostly it is just WiFi we already are and will be using.

I have also a mission from Wireless Tampere to promote its open cooperative concept of wireless community network to Tampere's partner cities and at the same time I hope I will be able to find new cooperation, contacts, ideas and even roaming agreements between existing city-wide or municipial wireless networks.

Karri Huhtanen (Arch Red Oy)
Internet Roadie

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