Monday, May 31, 2010

Beer and Food in Vilnius

Got feedback from conference participants and at least one Finnish tax payer that they want to see more research coverage on beer and food. :) So even if we have been busy attending sessions, debugging eduroam and in various discussions, we have also been able to research the opportunities Vilnius presents for enjoying good beer and food.

Based on the background research done by Stig and Matti, I have managed to map already few places to enjoy good beer and food after heavy conference day. I will try to update this map during conference and all participants are welcome to contribute if they have clarifications or new places to be added.

Beer places in Vilnius, Lithuania

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Andrew said...

A personal recommendation for Busi Trecias (great name, though apparently the meaning isn't the same in Lithuanian): I've been there twice already :-)

Jens said...

I've turned this map into a layer for Layar. Point your Android device or iPhone to to open the layer or install Layar if you haven't already

Jens said...

I'd like to contribute Aula at 11 Pilies gatve, coordinates 54.683686,25.289399.

The food is quite good and they serve various kinds of Lithuanian beer as well as a better-than-average selection of international wines.

Karri said...

@Andrew I recommend Alaus Namai (Beer House). They have several different small brewery beers from around Lithuania on drafts. Price is 5 lt / 0.5l and the place seemed to attract also local people. The place is also dangerously close to conference venue for a quick visit during lunch. :)